A Pl+us Caring Service was founded by Lesley; she has a nursing background and has worked as a community care assistant. Using this knowledge she set up A Pl+us Caring Service to provide care staff to Witham. Her aim is to provide high quality private home care at realistic prices.

“I hardly know where to begin to thank you for the excellent care you have provided over the years, I know, it has been difficult and we appreciate all the more how consistent you have been.  The carers have not only worked hard and efficiently but they have given their friendship which we greatly valued."

Mrs R, Witham

Our IT needs are taken care of by Ronnie, Lesley and Debbie's sister-in-law, and also Claire, Lesley's daughter. They ensure that all our documents are updated and take on any IT tasks, leaving the care team free to provide their excellent services.  They keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Excellent IT Support

Julie Hubbard is our Senior Carer; amongst her other duties she ensures that all MARS (Medication Administration Record Sheets) and Risk Assessments are up to date. We also have a number of other expert carers and staff who can help you in your home.

Professional Caring Staff

Lesley's sister, Debbie, is the Office Manager. She carries out thorough risk assessments and creates bespoke care packages tailored to individuals.

Sister Team Providing Home Care

The Best Care Staff

in Witham

ACDC_SCR_ahome Lesley, Community Care worker at A Pl+us Care Services Julie Judd, Senior Carer The team of care workers at A Pl+us Caring Service

Debbie, (Lesley's sister) joined the company within the first year. First, as a Carer; then gradually taking on client care and co-ordination, before becoming the Office Manager.

Debbie is the one who will carry out a thorough risk assessment. She will then create a bespoke care package for our service users.

Julie Hubbard is our Senior Carer and Care Manager who has responsibilities in ensuring that all MARS, (Medication Administration Record Sheets) forms and risk assessments are updated and current. Julie has worked for A Pl+us for more than 10 years.

Lesley had a nursing background before giving up to have 4 children. After that she worked as a Community Care Assistant for a social services care provider for over 6 years. Using this experience and knowledge she decided to try to provide the highest quality private homecare possible at realistic prices.

Claire 2